About Us

On August 7, 2019, Al Haya Aviation received its Air Operator Certificate from the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority making Al Haya Aviation the only Iraqi dedicated Air Cargo operator.

Al Haya Aviation currently owns and operates CRJ 200F and narrow-body aircraft for the middle east region with a variable payload capacity, Al Haya Aviation has the capability of providing air cargo charter services both domestically and internationally. Al Haya Aviation will be adding in a near future a wide-body Cargo Aircraft according to Iraqi Markets demand.

Aircraft currently is based at the Sulaymaniyah International Airport and Sharjah International Airport and we can fly to any routes and destinations required for Cargo pickup and delivery as chartered air cargo operations, meeting your air cargo needs and schedules.

Alhaya Aviation has a very expert and skills team for running the Cargo Aviation

Alhaya Aviation has its own IATA Code for issuing AWBs under number 164 with

Finally, Alhaya participated with SITA.
ALHAYA Can operate to Middle East Area and East European, as well as Africa.
Our main philosophy is to be focused on one field we know best charter flights and
simply delivered a better product in that area. Although we have many requests and
proposals around the world, we believe that the best approach is to focus on one
thing and make it right.